Welcome Home!

Hometown World has sold over 9 million books and is proud to be an essential part of every little reader’s bookshelf, celebrating community and encouraging kids to read local.

From our shelf to yours, we hope to encourage kids to become life-long readers connected to their roots. So snuggle up with Hometown World, because nothing feels more like home…than a good book!

Christmas Books

Holiday magic galore, brought right to your front door

From Santa’s sleigh making its way across valleys, rivers, skyscrapers, and streets, to the tapping of reindeer hooves on the roof as little ones sleep, these books are filled with the warm, cozy joy of the holidays.

Year-Round Books

Rain or shine, perfect books for any time

Explore bookshops, trek across your state, or frolic by the lake – these exciting books are a great way to let your little one roam without ever leaving the comfort of home!

Halloween Books

Not-so-spooky stories for every ghoul and boy to enjoy

Whether it’s trick or treating up and down your street, beneath the glow of city lights, or climbing aboard the Spooky Express as it rolls into a quiet country night, there’s a thrilling Halloween story for every little pumpkin to enjoy.

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